Advisory Board

  Dr. Gregory H. Stanton; President, Genocide Watch

  Prof. Israel W. Charny; Executive Director, Institute on the Holocaust and Genocide

  Dr. Frank Chalk; Professor of History and Director, Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies, Concordia University

  Dr. Georgette Avakian; head of the Armenian Case Committee

  Bishop John Rucyahana; Anglican Church of Rwanda

  Dr. Victoria Sanford; Director of the Center for Human Rights & Peace Studies, Professor of Anthropology  Lehman College &    the Graduate Center City University of New York

  Prof. Yair Oron; the Open University of Israel

 Dr. David Kilgour; J.D, Former Secretary of State Latin America and Africa, and Secretary of State Asia-Pacific, Honorary Doctor of Divinity- University of Toronto

 Dr. Eric Reeves; professor of English language and literature at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts

  Dr. Rafael Medoff; director of the David S. Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies

  Dr. Elihu Richter; Associate Professor, Center for Injury Prevention Hebrew University-Hadassah School of Public Health

  Dr. Ben Kiernan; Whitney Griswold Professor of History and Director of Genocide Studies Program Yale University

  Rev. David Pileggi; Rector of Christ Church in the Old City of Jerusalem

  Adam Basher; Darfurian survivor, director of ‘Bnai Darfur’

 Dr. Colin Tatz; Professor in Australian National University, Canberra

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