► Sexual Violence and Slavery as Weapon of Genocide Against Yazidis

Report, December 2014

► The Israeli Consensus – A policy for the refugees and immigrants in Israel

Statement of Principles regarding refugees and immigrants in Israel, 15 September 2014

► Genocidal Threat by Islamic State

Letter to U.S.A President Barack Obama, 26 August 2014

► Urgent action to stop the Yazidi genocide in Iraq

Letter to the ambassadors of the Permanent members of the UN Security Council, 14 August 2014

► A MATTER OF LIFE OR DEATH – Recommended policy for the Israel relating to refugees and asylum-seekers

Statement, 15 October 2013

► THE EVIAN DECLARATION – Israel and the African Refugee Crisis: a World Solution for a World Problem

Petition, 15 July 2013

► Bill of Treatment and Responsibility for Asylum Seekers and Refugees in Israel

Proposed law, 15 May 2013

Deportation of Genocide Refugees to Sudan

Letter to the Israeli PM, Interior Minister, Justice Minister and Attorney General  , 27 February  2013

► Abolishing of the Sinai Torture Camps

Letter to the Israeli Minister of Defense and the Egyptian General Intelligence Directorate, 30 December 2012

► prosecute Efrain Rios Montt on trial for genocide

Letter to the Guatemalan Supreme Court, 12 December 2012

► Increasing of Antisemitism in Austria and Germany

Letter to the heads of the Jewish Community in German and Austria, 20 September 2012

► Implementation and Review of United Nations Security Council Resolution 2046

Letter to the The United Nations Security Council, 3 August 2012

 The participation of MK Nissim Zeev in a Nazi conference

Letter to the Knesset Ethics Committee, 28 May 2012

► Prosecute the Iranian regime and the IRGC to the ICC for crimes against humanity

Letter to the Party leaders in the Israeli Knesset, 15 April 2012

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