Mutasim Ali’s speech in Darfur Global Day 2013


It’s my great honor today to stand before you to speak on behalf of Darfuri refugees in the state of Israel.

Let me on behalf of Darfuri refugees in Israel extend my thanks and appreciations to the Israeli civil society organizations, human rights organizations, national and international NGOs, Israeli public, community leaders, sympathizers, well-wishers and distinguished guests.

 In the last couple weeks darfuri refugees stood side by side with Jews in commemorating the holocaust memorial day that gave holocaust survivors a national rebirth.

 The holocaust: which is the darkest chapter in human history and the world stood and said never again to any genocide, but never again has happened so many times in so many places including the ongoing genocide in Darfur, a massive human rights violations and killings in Nubba Mountains and Blue Nile which is also another dark history mankind has encountered and the world stands idly by without a clear political will to halt these Atrocities that are committed daily. Regrettably, the international community until now had not taken any steps pragmatically to save lives of innocent civilians, instead, it had politically supported lame peace agreements and partial solutions to the conflicts that didn’t materialized into sustainable peace, and eventually led to an aggravated situation spiral out of control day after day with ever –increasing death toll, massive displacement, enslavement and laboring of the IDPs in their concentrated –like camps, gang raping of women in order to change the ethnic composition of the indigenous people, and now vicious tribal fighting fanned by the genocidal regime of Khartoum.

 Today; the IDPs in their death camps are appeased by regime militias and Khartoum security Apparatus to pay blood money for crimes that militias themselves committed and some of them are taken hostages for ransom, while UNAMID lacks the military and political will to protect the IDPs and even to protect itself, it is a shame indeed.

 Today we are commemorating the 10th Anniversary of the continuation of genocide in Darfur region, when the ugliest forms of oppression, torture, and persecution against humanity and human resources in the modern history.

In this painful demonstration and on behalf of Darfuris, let me extend my gratitude to the international organizations which are working very hard through very difficult situations and restrictions imposed by Sudanese government to assist more than 4 million internal displaced people within Darfur region and more than Million refugees whom are concentrating in refugee camps in neighboring countries (Chad, Central Africa, Ethiopia, Libya, Egypt) and other 2.2 million refugees all over the world including us in Israel seeking asylum as a result of ongoing genocide and systematic massacres of indigenes innocent -African civilians.

So what is the international community doing?

The international community is no longer willing to act meaningfully, pretends that a raft of ignored UN Security Council resolutions and various demands have gone entirely unmet by Bashier regime is an adequate diplomatic response. On top of that, lately, the terrorist groups from Mali who penetrated into the region and welcomed by El-bashir regime are now killing civilians, intimidating them and confiscating their properties, and yet the international community has done nothing to stop them, instead, some parties of this international community have hosted conferences to support Elbashir’s genocidal regime to continue atrocities and violation of human rights.

 On behalf of Sudanese refugees in Israel we extend our condolences to those who lost their love ones, and those whose rights are violated. Government of Sudan has used military aircrafts painted white, the color used by UN forces for reconnaissance, to supply operations and attacks against our people.

Therefore we call upon the international community to act to protect innocent civilians and to act responsibly to arrest the offenders of human rights and those who committed war crimes and crimes against humanity.

 In addition, the international community must support the fragile UNAMID which failed even to protect its mandate.

 Sudanese regime is still building animosity atmosphere among the people of Sudan and continuing mass killing of civilians in Nubba Mountains and Blue Nile.

 Finally we are appealing the new Israeli government and Israeli people to stand with us in this difficult time to continue ghetto revolution to make the world a better place for all. We, as Sudanese refugees in Israel asking Israeli government to identify our status which will indeed reduce the suffering of our people here as well as Israeli citizens of south Tel Aviv. We hope changes will be made soon to our situation.

 As the people of Darfur and Jews who experienced the worst tragedies in Human history will always stand together to response to those totalitarian views that incite to hatred and violence against humanity with firmness, and counter them with an argument that deeply rooted in the principles of dignity and humanity.

Our commitment is: we will never turn our back of what we don’t want to see, we will fight and struggle for humanity, and we dedicate our life to promote human values.

We all have responsibility to use the knowledge to expose such views of what they are, to protect vulnerable groups from threats and violence. The goal is the same to make the world safe place for all. We all have equal worth and equal rights, no one, no individuals and no minorities should have to live in fear in this world. 

Mutasim Ali